Wednesday, January 11, 2012


| Wednesday, January 11, 2012 |

I have an old friend from my
Clay High School Day's
She came from my past and she now
joines me again now as family and too
as a friend again at last.
Our paths had not crossed since our
high school days many years ago
until now, you ask how and why? .

Never until now we went our seperate
roads in life we both became young
wives we each had children I choose
to have two.
God blessed her with three, and a set
of twin boys
I never want to go that route again
now that our lives have again been joined
as old friends its good to have my old
friend around again.

I'm so glad shes was found we both
have lost close loved ones along our
lives way I believe it was one of our
loved ones above that a lined Heavens
stars that our two oldest would meet
fall in love and then get married.
And now our friendship has been
doubled sealed we both became
grandmothers to a wonderful
little boy named Billy.

A little boy like no other I'm glad to
have my friend back in my life
at last to share our secrects of
the past.
I'm so glad your here again at last