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How to have one School poem

| Thursday, January 12, 2012 |

School poems is one type of poems about the schooltime, the memories of the period of time that we went to school.

This type is very popular among all generations, the readers and composers maybe pupils, students, officers or even elders and kids. The “school poems” type is favored by people that want to store the happiness and sadness of the lovely childhood going to school.

School poems is various, people can write school poems for kids, middle school poems, end of school poems.

You may write a school poem for your own, and it’s very meaningful if you read it to your classmates in the class reunion. Writing a poem is not difficult but also not kind of easy if you don’t know how to start. In order to start writing a poem, firstly you must make sure the content of it, in the other words, what will be presented in your poem. You’d better list the events, people, time, places you will mention in your poem, for example you may retell your memories with your old classmates, your old teachers… Afterwards, you make a link between them, and try to add kind of rhythm in order to create the melody for the poem. Another notice that you’d better remember is that your poem shouldn’t too long, because it can bore the reader.

short poems 1


People throw burning words
fires flung ferociously from one mouth to the other
the knives spit from between our teeth
leave scalding scars that cut deeper than our thoughts could ever penetrate
they open the flood gate for waves of fury and hate
and causes things to escalate
at an uncontrollably unprecedented rate
from words to fists and sticks and stones
and words hurt more than broken bones
emotionally they cripple
and cause calm lakes of peace to ripple
and it only takes one word one slur or bad call
but momma always said if u can't say something nice don't say nothin at all
and believe me an argument is nothing nice
so before you open your mouth you better think twice
Because around the wrong people, thinking twice might save your life

Yummy pie ~ by Penny

Oh the look in your eyes
oh that yummy yummy look
looking at all those pies
its allot of work

Once you complete your poem, read it again to check the spelling and grammar mistake, as well as rhythm. A perfect poem should represent the content, feeling and enthusiasm of yours. Good luck

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