Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Graduate school poems - How to store your memories of your school ?

| Wednesday, December 28, 2011 |

The graduation day is always one of the most meaningful occasions with every student, because it’s the day all their efforts throughout the schooltime are repaid.

Just to add some ingredients to this special day, why not use some amazing way like writing a graduate school poem.

The graduation day will become much more impressive with the farewell poem that are written and read by the student themselves. One graduation poem is often started with the joy of completing the course and ended up with the memories of our old teachers, classmate. Some are also contain the future’s plan of the student.

Write one for yourself now and save it to the graduation day, so as the special event will become more meaningful.

Thankful ~ Shawntay Kent

I am thankful for
the freedom to
frolic around
without a care
in the world.

My mind unscathed
by the worry
that has surrounded me,
instead of succumbing
to the thrashing
emotion that seems
to pollute everything else.

Instead I embrace it
and use it as a strength
I refuse to become a cowardly
thing of worry.
With that as my new light
in the dark,
I move forward
and show everyone
that worry is just
an emotion.